The Use and Misuse of History by Dr. Clyde Wilson

The Use and Misuse of History
by Dr. Clyde Wilson
Google Epitomizes the Misuse of History, Suffers $90 Billion Stock Selloff Thanks to Its Woke Gemini AI
Racist Google's deliberate falsification of history from its Gemini AI February, 2024.
Racist Google's deliberate falsification of history from its Gemini AI February, 2024.
More Google Gemini AI obliteration of truth and history, February, 2024.
More Google Gemini AI obliteration of truth and history, February, 2024.

[Publisher's Note, by Gene Kizer, Jr. - Google's Gemini accidentally pulled back the curtain and revealed a hideous, racist, grotesque Google standing there naked for all the world to laugh at and NOBODY to ever trust again.

Google and other cheats have interfered in elections by manipulating search results so Woke leftists get top billing while people with far more talent and honesty are never found.

Google has just confirmed that AI is nothing but a way to magnify leftist politics by a trillion and put it everywhere on the planet so truth can never be found. "Truth" is now what Google reveals in every search on everybody's computer from now to kingdom come.

Nathan Leamer in "Disastrous Gemini Rollout Exposes Leftist Rot Permeating All of Google" writes:

The recent rollout of Google's Gemini AI was an absolute disaster by any measure. Over the course of several hours, users across the internet quickly realized the large language model developed by Google had erased white people. The AI model wasn't just prejudiced based on skin color, but would only give far-left ideological answers to various questions. For example, Gemini refused to acknowledge the shortcomings of communism when prompted. It was able to articulate, however, a diatribe about the folly of capitalism.1

Leamer writes that the people behind Google's AI "fueled the large learning model with nothing but their liberal tears. A cursory look at the team behind Gemini shows a crew of individuals who have quite a bit of angst against white people, merit, or the capitalist society that made them uber-rich Silicon Valley tycoons paid to build a racist internet tool."

One good thing noted by Leamer as a result of the disastrous Gemini rollout:

Consumers are hungry for products not informed by the extreme ideology on display at Google, but one that fosters free thought and encourages open discourse. There is clearly a market for this, as described by the near-universal backlash to Gemini. This would greatly contrast with Google, OpenAI, and others trying to lock in the regulatory regime to bolster their supremacy - as Marc Andreessen describes, "a cartel of government-blessed AI vendors protected from new startup and open source competition."

This is EXACTLY why the government wants to be the one to decide what is misinformation and disinformation. They want to push their authoritarian tyranny on the public and obliterate every other idea.

How about do as Thomas Jefferson said and let a true free press and free speech reign supreme and let the people decide what is B_ll Sh_t and what is not. That's why our white founders, who Google hates, put all those protections in the First Amendment to the greatest document every written, the United States Constitution.

It might be time, now that Google has been exposed as Claudine Gay was, that it gets the same treatment as she did.

A NOTICE OF APPEAL has been filed with regard to the Confederate Reconciliation Memorial in Arlington National Cemetery. The magnificent 109 year old world class memorial was removed last December because of the Woke naming commission's historically fraudulent report. See my articles on including "Naming commission's report on the Confederate Memorial is a historical FRAUD":

We are hoping a successful Appeal will order the monument to be restored to all its glory in our nation's most sacred burial ground.

Other things are in the works too such as our many allies in Congress adding an amendment to the 2024 NDAA requiring the Confederate Memorial to be reconstructed.

The removal of the monument desecrated 500 graves in concentric circles emanating out from where the monument once stood.

Those Confederate graves of soldiers and family members are, by law, the same as the graves of any other American soldier. Laws were passed in the early 1900s out of patriotism and love as our great country came back together after the bloody War Between the States, which was fought by the South for independence and the right of sovereign states to govern themselves as our Founding Fathers intended.

It was fought by the North for economic control of a country that promised to be the greatest in history.

Please go to my Donation Page to make a donation today. We can not allow Arlington National Cemetery to remain as desecrated as all the other places where Woke mobs destroyed ancient monuments to valor and patriotism:

Dr. Clyde Wilson is one of the most consequential and accomplished historians of the past century.

His article, below, was published on the Abbeville Institute Blog February 28, 2024. Please visit and join the Abbeville Institute:]


The Use and Misuse of History
by Dr. Clyde Wilson
February 28, 2024

“I am heir to  the greatest civilization the world has ever known. I’d like to defend it but I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.” –Alice Teller

“By 2050—earlier probably—all real knowledge of Oldspeak will have disappeared.  The whole literature of the past will have been destroyed….shall exist only in Newspeak versions, not merely changed into something different, but actually changed into something contradictory of what they used to be.”–Orwell, 1984

Taught these days to IBM employees: “Greeks came to Africa as students to discover what Africans already knew. Writing, science, medicine, and spirituality were already a part of African civilizations.” Accompanied by a picture of a sub-Saharan black instructing Greeks.

This is being taught in your schools and colleges today. There are two very large lies here. 1) That the classical Greeks who initiated Western Civilisation got their knowledge from Egyptians, and 2) that Egyptians were black Africans. This distorts the history of the human race, not only destroying knowledge but contaminating all public discourse in our own time.

There is now a large grievance literature, apparently widely believed, that Europeans not only stole civilisation from blacks but they maliciously and deceitfully suppressed giving credit where it was due.

The simple truth (which many scholars are lavishly funded to disguise) is that black, sub-Saharan Africa was outside the European/Asian sphere of civilisations, existing in a most primitive state. Except for a few encountered by Egyptians, quickly enslaved, black people were nearly unknown and marginal to the civilized world until daring and skilled Portuguese sailors touched the west and east coasts of Southern Africa in the 1500s, while Arabs begin to extend Islam and the slave trade to East Africa.

For the classical world “Africa” meant the Southern shores of the Mediterranean inhabited by white Egyptians and Phoenicians, and from Alexander’s time on heavily inhabited by Greeks and Romans. We now have everything that is called “African” ascribed to the sub-Saharan black tribes who had little relation to North Africa.

The mass media and “educational” establishment are now busy destroying Western civilization–destroying you and me and our descendants.  We now have regular portrayals of the Egyptians (including Cleopatra) and the Phoenicians as black, as well as a Viking Queen, a Persian emperor, and Roman centurions. And according to some, Socrates drew all his wisdom at the feet of African geniuses.

The Renaissance does not escape. The great Queen Elizabeth I is now black, as are some Scottish nobles. One of the Three Musketeers is black and another is in love with a black woman.

Later on, Audubon is portrayed as black artist and scientist because he was called a ‘Creole,” the word for a white Frenchman born in the colonies. Slaves not born in Africa were called “Creole Blacks.” Blacks now inhabit portrayals of Jane Austen’s country gentry.

It seems to have entirely escaped consciousness that the African slave trade depended entirely on Africans enslaving and selling other Africans. A number of significant colonial instances in which blacks helped defeat slave revolts have been ignored.

More recent times do not escape distortions. Portrayals have black combat leaders in the then  segregated U.S. army. Very recently I saw a show in which a black ship commander with a mostly black crew was in combat with German ships. There are similar treatments of Vietnam.

I have the memoir of a World War II combat captain from Michigan. He was in action from Normandy to Germany. He writes that the worst time he had in the war was dealing with the black support soldiers encountered while he was in port waiting for return home.

In a recent film, “12 Strong”, the first Special Forces men into Afghanistan are portrayed. One is a black soldier sympathetically and prominently displayed with more attention than anyone except the team leader. Such a man does not exist.

In every European television series, even including Iceland, superior and sympathetic blacks are portrayed, whether they fit in or not–not to mention a president of Finland and Yorkshire farmers.

There are doubtless people who think they are doing good deeds with these lies perpetrated on a historically ignorant people. In other cases it may be malicious ignorance. But telling lies is never a good thing. This denies rightful credit to other people.

History in the proper sense is a Western achievement–the rational review and understanding of evidence and meaning in the past life of humanity. There will always be disagreement in interpretations, which is a good thing, but does not vindicate fabrication. Despite oppression by whites, Africans are major beneficiaries of Western civilisation.

Like so much else History as an intellectual discipline begins with the Greeks. Advanced China and Japan did not have this phase of intellect. To seek the truth of the past, as best we can, does not require disrespect or lack of sympathy and charity for any of our fellow creatures. Rather it recognises the diversity of our Creator’s work. Lying is almost never a good thing. To deliberately falsify the facts is a blow against civilisation itself. It thwarts our efforts to understand fully the history of our mysterious human species.

Clyde Wilson

Clyde Wilson is a distinguished Professor Emeritus of History at the University of South Carolina where he was the editor of the multivolume The Papers of John C. Calhoun. He is the M.E. Bradford Distinguished Chair at the Abbeville Institute. He is the author or editor of over thirty books and published over 600 articles, essays and reviews and is co-publisher of, a source  for unreconstructed Southern books.

1 Nathan Leamer, "Disastrous Gemini Rollout Exposes Leftist Rot Permeating All of Google," The Federalist, February 28, 2024. Accessed 2-29-24. The article states that: Leamer is CEO of Fixed Gear Strategies and Executive Director of the Digital First Project. He previously worked as a Policy Advisor to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and on Capitol Hill as a legislative aide.