This blog, run by me, author and historian Gene Kizer, Jr., will start on June 16, 2019, the 157th anniversary of the Battle of Secessionville, South Carolina on James Island. I will post regularly, two or three times a week, on the history and literature of the American South.

I will also weight in on national political events now that the Russia hoax has been exposed and the many DOJ investigations into the illicit start of the Mueller investigation are heating up. Mueller proved his bias recently in an embarrassing stumbling halting, voice cracking, nine minute press conference in which the coward refused to take questions afterward. If anybody doubted Mueller's bias, even after he hired 100% Democrats, many of whom were hateful, angry and tied to Hillary Clinton, they can have no doubt after his infamous nine minutes. The only purpose Mueller had with that press conference was to stoke the impeachment fires of the radical left, but he has failed miserably. He looked blathering, impotent and defeated because he is.

It is hard to believe that we have had a coup d'etat in the USA but it is looking more and more like that. In order to restore faith in our intelligence agencies and government itself, Attorney General Barr needs to kick ass. A slew of conspirators need to be prosecuted and if guilty, pay the highest price possible.

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