Confronting the Woke in Academia

When I think of the damage my race has caused the world, I just want to cry in my pumpkin spiced latte! I feel such shame for all the toxic things we have invented that have caused so much harm, such as the rule of law, constitutional rights, electricity, the elimination of famines, the combustible engine, nuclear energy, penicillin, clean water, sanitary sewer systems, hospitals, spacecraft, weaponry to keep us safe, the internet, and well, I could go on because pretty much everything ever invented is the fault of my people’s arrogance. Surely, this county would be better off if everyone ran around half naked with bear grease smeared on their bodies to keep the flies off of them like the Native Americans were doing when the evil white people got here. We certainly ruined their standard of living.

From an April 27, 2021 letter to UVA Pres. Ryan
by an alum, published below in its entirety

Confronting the Woke in Academia
Everybody Should Follow the Lead of This Fed Up UVA Alumnus

[Publisher's Note, by Gene Kizer, Jr. : Academia, in many respects, is the enemy of America. It has given us the same kind of racist hate that the Ku Klux Klan promotes.

Woke academia's Critical Race Theory is nothing but vile abject race hatred and discrimination against white people. Leftists are promoting it all over the country at every level. Even the Federal Government is now promoting it to high schools and elementary schools. If the country does not soon get a grip on it, it will be impossible to cure.

Marxists in Academia are a big reason 120 retired flag officers (admirals, vice admirals, or rear admirals) are so concerned. They especially do not like Silicon Valley censorship, anarchists in the streets, the Democrat attack on election reform, and the use of "antiracism" to suppress dissent.1 They warn:

Our nation is in deep peril. We are in a fight for our survival as a Constitutional Republic like no other time since our founding in 1776. . . . The conflict is between supporters of Socialism and Marxism vs. supporters of Constitutional freedom and liberty.2

The whole country had happily accepted the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King such as his I Have a Dream speech. That was the promise of the Civil Rights Movement: America as a colorblind meritocracy.

The country is all IN on that but racist academia is NOT.

Woke academia's Critical Race Theory specifically rejects Dr. King and his teachings, just like BLM rejects the nuclear family (which exposes their radical agenda because it has been known for years that the absence of black fathers in black homes is the major problem holding black people back, encouraging crime, etc.).

Of course, there is still much good in the idea of academia. We all love our alma maters.

But academia is SICK because it is 100% liberal. It has no credibility.

A real debate on any subject is impossible because academia can only present one side, albeit with different variations of that side, but, nonetheless, one side only.

They are liberals trying to out-liberal each other, yet even they often do not express their true feelings. They know if they say the wrong thing, the mob will show up at their office, or they will be accused of being a racist and their careers will be over. As I say, academia is sick.

Students know if they don't write liberal dogma on papers they will get poor grades and may also be accused of being a racist.

Academia is teaching a generation of young Americans to hate their country but they are 100% wrong in their reasons and justifications. In President Trump's Mount Rushmore speech July 3rd, 2020 he identified the problem beautifully:

Against every law of society and nature, our children are taught in school to hate their own country and to believe that the men and women who built it were not heroes but were villains. The radical view of American history is a web of lies, all perspective is removed, every virtue is obscured, every motive is twisted, every fact is distorted and every flaw is magnified until the history is purged and the record is disfigured beyond all recognition.

So many in academia embrace Marxist hatred and doctrines, which shows how out of touch with reality they are. Just look around you! We have more wealth and the highest standard of living in the history of the world because of capitalism, competition, the enormous opportunity in our country from sea to shining sea!

Many thousands of people every single day are breaking our laws, which they should not be allowed to do but nevertheless are doing, by illegally crossing our Southern border. Unlike woke liberals in academia, they know that America is the promise land of opportunity for everybody who will go after it.

Most of disgraceful academia does not condemn the 1619 Project whose primary theme --- that the American Revolutionary War was fought because the Brits were about to abolish slavery --- is a total, complete and utter FRAUD without an iota of evidence.

Yet the Federal Government is now promoting this garbage and academia is going along with it because they are political liberals first, and scholars second.

Not a single PENNY of taxpayer money should go to any academic institution that encourages even a hint of Critical Race Theory. With no taxpayer support, they will have to raise all of their own money, and it can be pointed out how racist and worthless so much of what they are teaching, is.

Legislatures need to step up. Idaho and Florida have outlawed Critical Race Theory. Other states are working on it. All 50 need to make that racist garbage against the law.

Below, is an outstanding and clever letter by a Richmond attorney and 1981 UVA graduate, Robert Coleman Smith.

He has used the "F" word a couple times to make a valid point about woke UVA president, James E. Ryan's, acceptance of such language from the student, Hira Azher, whose entire campus dorm door is a vulgar sign (picture below) that starts with "Fuck UVA."

Bravo, Mr. Smith! Excellent Letter! I agree with every word of it.

Please share this post far and wide!

Links to several good articles about the situation at UVA are at the end of this post.]

Richmond, Virginia


April 27, 2021

James E. Ryan
Office of the President
University of Virginia
Post Office Box 400224
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4224

Dear President Ryan:

I’d like to wish you a warm and hardy fuck you! I had always thought this expression was a vulgar and disparaging term. But judging by the way you have embraced Hira Azher’s use of these words, I now know these “University sponsored” words must be a warm and loving idiomatic expression of peace and acceptance. Surely adding the word “fuck” to our academic nomenclature makes the University “great and good.”

Hira Azher's dorm room door at UVA. Photo by Sophie Roehse | The Cavalier Daily.
Hira Azher's dorm room door at UVA. Photo by Sophie Roehse | The Cavalier Daily.

I’d like to thank you for making my beloved alma mater more woke and progressive. In fact, the daily missives from UVA Today have transformed me from a well mannered Southern boy to a fully woke devotee of Saul Alinsky. Thanks to you, I now know that my white supremacist background has given me a distorted value system that is antithetical to not only the values of the University, but also to the various pagan gods that I never knew good woke people should be worshiping. I have now devoted my soul to the gods of Hatred, Division and Ignorance.

I am ashamed of my past and previous belief system that was once rooted in the tenets of Western Civilization and Judeo Christian ethics. To illustrate, just one of the errors of my pre-woke value system, I once believed in the sanctity of private property! I used to be a sympathetic admirer of the writings of the Scottish Enlightenment. I realize now that this greedy and carnivorous cabal was just a bunch of hate mongers, and David Hume and Adam Smith were just evil, selfish white guys. Why what good UVA alum could possibly think that private ownership of property benefited the social construct? Ha, what a fool I was!

I used to have an extensive library (another example of my white privilege for which I am ashamed), but because of you, I have now burned all my books. Doing away with Virgil, Livy, Gibbons, Bede, Thomas Aquinas, Locke and hundreds of histories and books of classical literature has liberated me from my Eurocentric past. I mean, what have Europeans ever done to advance civilization? Certainly not as much as the Hutu or Tutsi tribes of Rwanda!

I used to think that events from the past had a bearing on our present times and could give us perspective on how to make our world a better place. But now I know that these lessons from the past are dangerous and if uncovered threaten the University’s mission to cancel evil white guy culture. Why if the public actually learned these lessons from the past, our fellow comrades might think that the University’s leftist teachings are nothing but gobbledygook nonsense! We must destroy knowledge or else we will never reach our goal of a Marxist utopia!

Another example of my southern heritage that I have now discarded, is my parents taught me to be polite, deferential and respectful towards all people of all backgrounds. How bourgeois! Thanks to you and your stellar leadership in allowing students to scream trite, banal obscenities when debating important issues of public policy, I have given up respectful, fact and logic based dialogue. I have learned how to bowl over my adversaries. Why, the other day, I walked into Brooks Brothers and stole a $750 sports jacket. When the clerk confronted me, I fell into a histrionic fit, called him a racist and screamed a torrent of cuss words at him. I was able to keep the jacket. Sadly, they would not do the alterations for free despite me repeatedly yelling the word “equity” and “justice” at the store manager.

By the way, I am fully in the foxhole with Miss A…… (oops, see, that’s a patriarchal misogynist gender title of the old regime), I mean with Comrade Azhi! The nerve of Episcopal High School and the University of Virginia and all of their honkey alumni for paying for her education! She has every right to be angry and outraged. By the way, I listened to the secret tape she recorded of your conversation with her. I was really impressed with the way you pretended to be such a marshmallow. That was just great reverse psychology. You really showed her who was boss!

I have a another mea culpa to get off my chest. I need to expiate my sins because I was once proud of my ancestry and their service to the Commonwealth and our country. However, now I know they were all a bunch of greedy, avaricious and treacherous bastards. My loathsome family has been in Virginia for 400 years, and we have done terrible things, like building businesses, creating jobs, philanthropy, inventing technologies, serving on college boards and the vestry of our churches, all elements of the white male system of oppression. No one did anything cool, like attack a police officer or stick a gun in a pregnant woman’s belly while robbing her. We have caused all of the institutional problems the University has just recently discovered and now wants to remedy. Here are just a few of my family’s sins:

Building a country out of the wilderness. We all know that nation states are bad, especially those that have borders, oh wait, all counties have borders. My bad.

Fighting in every colonial war and conflict that our disgusting country has been involved. I used to be proud of their courage and their sense of honor for fighting for what they believed in, but now, thanks to my new UVA sponsored wokeness, I want to spit on their graves! How dare they fight the British for independence and then form a constitutional, republican form of government! That damned constitution has gotten in the way of us fulfilling our Leninist takeover of this country. By the way, to show you how much UVA Today has changed my mindset, I used to think that the 100 million people that Marxism killed in the 20th century confirmed its evil nature. Now I know that evil is the one indispensable tool we on the Left have to bring about radical, progressive change.

After I burned all my “Western Civ” books and thought I had cleansed my house of its odorous past, I found an old photograph of 22 members of the Coleman side of my family (Caroline County) all dressed in the Confederate grey right before hostilities began with the Union. Many were just young boys. They of course were already brain washed as they all were descended from Revolutionary soldiers who wrongfully fought for independence. The family didn’t want to split from the Union, but Lincoln federalized the Virginia militias, basically telling them they had to go kill fellow Americans. I am ashamed that they didn’t want to go kill people in South Carolina. What militant warmongers these Confederate soldiers were! I am ashamed they had the gall and the pigheadedness to protect their homeland from invasion from a foreign army for four long years. No doubt they should have just rolled over and did what they were told. When I read about their immoveable resistance at the Bloody Angle or standing ankle deep at the Crater in a river of blood, thrusting cold steel into the flesh of the enemy, I always think “what a bunch of sissies! Why should we honor them?” Unfortunately, my Confederate ancestors didn’t have the bravery to just go to a safe room and play with a University sponsored therapy dog. What losers! The whole idea of duty, honor, sacrifice and courage are certainly not the values we want to promote at the University. I am so glad the University removed the plaque commemorating these hedonists off the Rotunda. What a bunch of weenies! Obviously, people who have spent their whole lives virtue signaling in academia are much better people than those who gave their lives for their country!

I always thought that it was property rights, capitalism and free markets that liberated people out of bondage, but now I know differently. If only you had been alive in 1860! Surely someone as virtuous as you could have ended a 6,000 year social and economic institution through the sheer power of your wokeness.

I am so ashamed of my Occidental heritage. When I think of the damage my race has caused the world, I just want to cry in my pumpkin spiced latte! I feel such shame for all the toxic things we have invented that have caused so much harm, such as the rule of law, constitutional rights, electricity, the elimination of famines, the combustible engine, nuclear energy, penicillin, clean water, sanitary sewer systems, hospitals, spacecraft, weaponry to keep us safe, the internet, and well, I could go on because pretty much everything ever invented is the fault of my people’s arrogance. Surely, this county would be better off if everyone ran around half naked with bear grease smeared on their bodies to keep the flies off of them like the Native Americans were doing when the evil white people got here. We certainly ruined their standard of living.

I love the way you let the basketball team kneel during the national anthem! My father and his three brothers ( all University men, College, Law School, etc.) were soldiers during WWII. D-Day, Normandy, Battle of the Bulge, Iwo Jima; they were all there being jingoistic imperialists. I hate them! Why do we owe these people any gratitude? When I saw those players kneel, I thought of my young Lt. father at Bastogne, outnumbered, freezing to death in the snow, leading a company of G.I.s against superior German forces, and then I laugh! How does it feel you dumb son of a bitch to see a bunch of University students disrespect you. Ha, ha, you imperialist war monger, I hope you are rolling in your grave!

Now that I am woke, thanks to you, I was wondering if I could take a class or two to learn some new platitudinal buzzwords like “micro-aggression,” “intersectionality,” “equity inclusion,” “problematic history,” “memory politics,” etc. When these right wing fascists, like that medical student Bhattacharya, disagree with me, I want to do more than just scream vulgarities at them and call them a racist. I want some cool new words that have no real meaning to scream at them too. And if I could use them in a rhyme, well no one will be able to out debate me!

Speaking of micro-aggressions, I have never had anybody of another race or gender show hostility towards me, other than of course the multitude of times my house or car has been broken into. Gee, if anybody was ever mad at me, I think I would melt like a snowflake!

I love the way that you extracted money from the taxpayers to engage in socialist economics. Bravo! As everyone knows, the original 1819 Charter of the University stated quite clearly that the President was to milk the taxpayers to pay for his virtue signaling. If one looks closely at the original charter, the paragraph about being a “good steward” of the taxpayer’s money was scratched out.

Finally, I would appreciate it if you could keep me informed of any riots, property destruction or arson I can help out with. I am very much interested in silencing the free speech of anyone who is not woke, especially those Nazis who make logic and fact based arguments. I am available to dox them, get them fired from their jobs, threaten their families, etc. Just let me know.

I am so thankful you are the head Commissar, oops I mean president of the University!

Robert-Coleman-Smith's-signature enlarged
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  1. Who are these people leading UIVA and other previously legitimate universities and colleges?

    Where are the boards of trustees?

    • David,

      The vast majority of them are liberals who don’t dare question liberal
      orthodoxy or the mob will show up at their office. Free speech is dead on
      college campuses but cancel culture is alive and well.

      The hatred of America most of them are teaching is disgraceful and will ruin
      our country, and the Critical Race Theory most of them promote is racist to
      the core.

      Colleges need to be held accountable by state legislatures starting by
      defunding all who discriminate based on skin color as Critical Race Theory
      requires. They also need to be SUED CONSTANTLY, every time they commit a
      racist act, which is all the time these days.

      The only thing many colleges are teaching these days is hate. Their boards ought to be held accountable too.


  2. Gene, What a wonderful article and letter! I printed it and am sending a copy to Governor Kay Ivey (with expletives deleted – I am still a Southern gentleman). I think she is a member of UDC. I advertise my book in their magazine and asked their President if the good Governor was indeed with their organization, but she graciously declined to answer. Anyway, I asked the Governor, in her capacity as top executive, to spearhead a movement to keep that CRT crap out of our great state. Thanks for a brilliant preface and a priceless letter by Robert Smith!

    • Garry,

      Mr. Smith’s use of the F-word was effective with the UVA president but good
      to black it out to your governor.

      I’d leave the picture of that woman’s door, though. It shows why Smith was
      disgusted. No excuse for the leader of a university to put up with that kind
      of negative message and vulgarity. He’s a weak non-leader like all woke


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